Label and Print Technologies has just replaced its reliable 7-inch 5-color MA flexo printer with a refurbished 10" Mark Andy 2200 flexo printer to accompany the company's flagship 10" Mark Andy Scout flexo printer.

This printing asset features six UV color print stations, which provide even more brilliant and ink fast colors to the labels printed!

The benefit it brings to the company lies not only in its excellent print quality history from the Mark Andy (MA) fold but also the following advantages:

Increased Production Capacity:
With these two printers, LPT can handle a higher volume of printing jobs simultaneously or in parallel, reducing lead times and meeting tighter deadlines.

Redundancy and Backup:
If one printer experiences downtime due to maintenance, repairs, or other issues, the second printer can continue production, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow and fulfilling customer orders without delays.

Flexibility and Versatility:
Two printers provide greater flexibility in scheduling jobs, allowing LPT to prioritize urgent orders or accommodate fluctuating demands without overburdening a single machine.

Risk Mitigation:
By spreading production across two machines, LPT reduces the risk of a single point of failure affecting the entire printing operation. This helps mitigate the impact of unexpected breakdowns or technical issues.

Efficiency and Optimization:
LPT can optimize production by allocating specific jobs to each printer based on factors such as job size, substrate type, or printing requirements. This can lead to improved overall efficiency and resource utilization.

Diversification of Services:
Having two printers enables LPT to offer additional services or capabilities to customers, such as specialty printing techniques, faster turnaround times, or increased capacity for large-scale projects.

With the above positive features in mind, we look forward to further improving our focus on providing you with quality label solutions that will match or exceed your expectations.

Label and Print Technologies are running a R500 special for customers that purchase a printer.

For every printer ordered from our quality range on offer, a R500 credit will be applied to the consumables ordered for the printer. Click here for printer range.

For example: If an Argox OS214 plus is ordered @ R3 939.00 exc, R500 will be credited against the final value of consumables (labels and/or ribbons) ordered with the printer.

In other words, you could be paying Zero! Nothing! Nada! Niks! for the labels and ribbons that you order with the printer.

Please use coupon code LPT500 when making enquiries about this offer. If interested please feel free to send your enquiry to or

January has arrived and shot into February with a lot of energy!

More beautiful and exciting printed label label designs are coming out of the Digital Bureau section in full color and high resolution.

Samples of labels for sweets, bagels and oils.

For small production runs, customers are finding value in digitally printing their labels, and having high appeal finishes such as gold foiling added to the label.

A matt polypropylene label to go onto a 50ml bottle

A personalized label for a 1.5L wine bottle.

Label and Print are excited to work with social media company “Lets be Frank”, and manufacture labels for their client - House of Snacks.

The product is a maize snack which comes in 1, 2 and 3 kg sizes with 6 different flavors.

Each of the six flavors were flexo printed utilizing five colors plus a covering UV ink for protection. The size of the label was 160mm x 280mm. Click here to see the flexo process.

A white rectangle block was kept open for variable information with weight, barcode, date of manufacture and expiry date to be inserted.

The variable information was overprinted (in black) using an Argox 6 inch wide thermal transfer printer. Click here to see the overprinting process.

Examples of the Zak's Naks printed.

Packing Zak's Naks on a pallet

Zak's Naks enroute to market.

17th November 2023

On Thursday 9th November 2023, Label and Print Technologies Pty Ltd, represented by managers Deon De Waal and Bevan Isaacs, attended the annual FTSA Print Excellence Awards function.

“As part of our commitment to celebrating excellence and innovation within the Flexo industry, FTASA proudly hosts the prestigious Print Excellence Awards. Embodying the theme “Unleashing Your Flexo Potential,” this annual event showcases outstanding prints that transcend boundaries, setting new benchmarks of excellence. Our esteemed panel of industry experts evaluates entries from visionary companies, acknowledging their remarkable contributions and inspiring others to elevate their printing prowess”.

Competing with the best Flexographic Printers in South Africa, Label and Print Technologies proudly secured a GOLD and a BRONZE in the Self-adhesive (Line/Tone category).

 “Outstanding print precision and detail” and “Exceptional crisp print and varnish to print register” were comments received from the adjudicators.

Print manager Deon De Waal receiving the Gold award from Paul Bouwer of Sarepco.

Gold and Bronze certificates received and up and hanging in the reception at Label and Print Technologies.

Congratulations to all involved at Label and Print Technologies on this wonderful accolade.

With the new label legislation coming into effect in 2023, Deli Spices are one of the first companies in phasing out old labels with new conforming labels. No longer may a product display a label - that shows additional features - which are not part of the product on offer.

As a result more colourful designs will grace the package of hamburgers, boerewors and chicken products as we get closer to Christmas 2023.

New legislation conforming labels

Our Main Product Range


FTA SA Silver Medal Winner (Process)


FTA SA Bronze Medal Winner (Process)


FTA SA Bronze Medal Winner (Line/Tone)


FTA SA Silver (x2) and Bronze Medal Winner (Line/Tone and Process)


2023 FTA SA Gold and Silver Medal winner (Line/Tone)

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