Premium Thermal Labels

Usage of the barcode symbology GS1-128 or previously known as EAN-128, has allowed more information to be included in a barcode for logistics tracking purposes.

Important data such as the GTIN (Global Trade Item Nr), Batch code, Expiry dates and much more can be appended together via Application Identifiers (AI).

This information is easily printed onto Premium Thermal blanks (supplied by Label and Print Technologies)  which has the face stock surface properties necessary to display a crisp, clean and consistent print. The print quality is vital for barcode scannability as is the invisible, top coat surface protection which protects the label image from water damage.

The “freezer friendly” adhesive allows the labels contact adhesion to remain stable down to -40 degrees Celcius. The label dimensions are 101x150mm, supplied on a roll of 1000 per roll. A minimum quantity of 4 000 labels is neatly packaged into a carton.

Our Main Product Range


FTA SA Silver Medal Winner (Process)


FTA SA Bronze Medal Winner (Process)


FTA SA Bronze Medal Winner (Line/Tone)


FTA SA Silver (x2) and Bronze Medal Winner (Line/Tone and Process)


2023 FTA SA Gold and Silver Medal winner (Line/Tone)

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